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JME Engineering are authorised agents for Hendrickson Asia Pacific truck and trailer suspensions. Hendrickson Asia Pacific is the region's leading supplier of truck, and trailer suspensions, auxiliary lift axle systems, steel leaf springs, and metal bumpers for the heavy-duty transportation industry.

Lift Axle Air Suspension

spring suspension

Need extra payload?
Run a long way not at maximum load capacity?

Sensitive freight or just require extra traction backing up steep slopes.

Why not add a lift axle. With the help of JME Engineering staff we will design and install a lift axle to suit your needs.

European, American or Japanese it doesn't matter.

Air Suspension

air suspension

Working on a tight budget or perhaps you have a long rear overhang, a standard lazy axle may better suit your needs. Dump valves fitted as standard to all lazy axles.

Both the lift axles and the standard lazy axles can be fitted with manual or electronic dock leveling devices.

Air suspension is specially designed to moderate shock and minimise vibration, and work in tandem with the Australian-tuned shock absorbers, making this set-up the ideal choice for the transportation of sensitive freight such as food stuff or delicate equipment.