Transport Engineers


Chassis Modifications

spring suspension

Truck manufacturers often have only limited chassis lengths and these don’t always suit your needs.  At JME we can alleviate this problem by either lengthening, shortening or just adding to the rear of your chassis.

Whatever the reason or whatever the requirement JME can modify your chassis or create a new chassis to create the specification you require.

It doesn’t matter if the vehicle is old or new or whether it needs an axle or two it is no problem for the team at JME.  “Spec-Em-Up”

Adding Axles

air suspension

To increase a vehicles carrying capacity or to help in weight distribution solutions fitting an extra axle can solve some of these problems

Be it a lazy axle, pusher axle, liftable spring or air the expert team at JME can best advise you of the solution. With a wide range of electronic and pneumatic accessories available. All work carried out by our experienced team of qualified technicians.

All work is carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications (USB6).  Engineering certificates are issued with all work.